Edge Kids Life Mission

Edge Kids Life was established with the mission to serve the local community with quality Christian based education and childcare.

Edge Kids Life Philosophy

Edge Kids Life operates from a Christian perspective in which each child is highly valued, respected and nurtured as uniquely created with a God given purpose and place.

Each child attending Edge Kids Life will be provided with learning experiences that will foster and encourage physical, social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive growth and development.

The Edge Kids Life program will provide an inclusive, safe and caring environment encouraging independence, constructive problem solving, positive self-esteem, improved self-worth, and positive relationships within an extended social group.

Edge Kids Life objectives

  1. To operate a childcare facility based on Christian principles.
  2. To advance the provision of positive education in learning for children.
  3. To provide a safe and healthy early childhood development facility.
  4. To provide a community service that promotes and supports strong family values. Edge Kids Life aims to support parents in their responsibility to nurture and develop their child as an extension of the family home.

We are family

It is such a privilege that you would entrust us with your most treasured possessions. Our aim is to care for and teach your child with the same love and passion that you bring as parents. Our burden is that you would feel part of our family. We don’t see your child as a number in a system – we see them as a unique individual and our aim is to establish a loving a nurturing relationship with your whole family.

What makes us unique?

Our hope is that as soon as you enter the doors of our centre, you will sense what makes us unique. Our gifted educators carry a Christ-inspired love and respect for your children that is reflected through a passionate, individual approach to every child, giving them a sense of being, belonging and becoming. We recognise the family as the child’s first teacher and partner with you to create a culture of learning through play that ultimately produces social, emotional and cognitive growth.