We believe that the early years of life are the best opportunity to lay the foundations for a child's future. In early childhood, we plant the seeds for tomorrow's engaged and active students, productive and skilled workers, and confident and caring citizens, founded in the word of God and Christian principles.


Our curriculum is informed by the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.

We highly value all avenues of play, including sensory, physical, exploratory, problem solving, dramatic and social. The pleasure and wonder of play is a vehicle for learning and development. We are intentional in all areas of the centre, creating developmentally appropriate play experiences on a daily basis.

Each day, we also provide healthy meal options, opportunities for rest and relaxation, intentional teaching time and positive social interactions. Our educators support and apply individual routines where possible.

Christian Focus

Our philosophy and principles are Christian based. We seek to build a strong sense of community and belonging, while upholding a level of excellence in all aspects of education and care. While we include Biblical principles and practices in our daily program, and participate in Christian celebrations, we welcome children and famillies from all walks of life.