At Edge Kids Life we recognise family as the child’s first teachers.

We partner with families to build on this learning with an innovative and engaging educational program that embraces the principles of the national Early Years Learning Framework.

We see every child as a unique learner, and our emergent, play based curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of every child.

Using the Early Years Learning Framework as our platform, learning outcomes are achieved through play and enhanced through the intentional teaching of our passionate educators.

Children are encouraged to make choices that influence their world, engage in meaningful individual and group experiences, explore, develop friendships and express their ideas in a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment.

Meaningful connections to the community are at the heart of our educational program with regular visits by local emergency services, cultural groups, hairdresser and health professionals as well as excursions in the local community.

Other partners of our educational program include Kindy Allstars (a physical literacy program), ELLA languages program (Mandarin), and Let’s Move It (movement and music class).

Our programs are delivered in partnership with our educators, families and community, and are receptive to each child’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities.

Our spiritual curriculum takes children on a spiritual journey from the baby room through to the preschool room. Every child at EKL will learn foundational truths about who God is and what Jesus has done for each and every one of them.