Welcome to Edge Kids Life

We count it a privilege that you would consider enrolling your children at Edge Kids Life! At Edge Kids Life, we endeavour to not just care for your child, but to provide a foundation of resilience, courage and knowledge that will equip them for their future. We’re passionate about empowering children to step out into their worlds with confidence; to be leaders in their classrooms and homes. Through a family of gifted and skilled educators, we work in partnership with you to lead, love and care for your children – this is why we believe that Edge Kids Life is more than just child care!

Who We Are

Our centres carry a culture of excellence, with high quality, individualised education coupled with highly skilled and caring educators to provide more than just child care.

About Us

Edge Kids Life is different from any other childcare provider. Our centres carry a strong culture of family, providing passionate love and support for parents and children.


Our passion is to partner with families to provide high quality, individual teaching and learning. Our innovative play-based educational program engages each child cognitively, emotionally and spiritually.